Playback your code using macros on VSCode

Litoshow helps you to improve your coding content creation recording your code previously. Perfect for your coding tutorials

Beta version, no login required.

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Available to use any programming/markup language

Improve your coding content creation flow

Turn a regular coding tutorial into the best coding tutorial by preparing your code

⏺️ Record your code easily and painlessly

Everyone hates wasting a lot of time with random bugs on their live streams, finally, it won't be a big deal, just start the recording and show off your coding skills. Making coding tutorials has never been easier.

🚩 Define important topics, sections, or chapters of your coding tutorial

Did you hear about "divide-and-conquer"? Yes, definitely it's amazing advice. You can do the same strategy and use stop points to organize your coding tutorial in sections, identify essential chapters, or simply the beginnings of new concepts.

πŸš€ Jump to any point in your code recording

Not always happen things perfectly for the first time, don't worry, you can go back, forward, or go to any moment that you need to replay, it's like using a media player, moving through a code tutorial has never been easier.

πŸƒπŸ» Play your code recoding at your own pace

Everyone has their own pace to learn or understand something. Need to be fast? Done. slower? Done. Adjust the playback speed to your own pace and take the best advantage of your own coding tutorial.

Why I should use it?

I know, creating programming tutorials, is sometimes it's hard, we can help you to do it easily without losing time.

Save recording time preparing the code previously

As a content creator, you don't want to leave anything loose, so prepare important things: documentation, texts, examples... so why not your code?

Focus on the explanation while the macro coding for you

Don't focus on the problems when writing code anymore, just play the macro and focus on the explanation that's what really matters.

Open a new way to teach and learn code

Open your mind to all possibilities working this way. All your programming tutorials are in your control. Learning/teaching code never has been easy.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have more questions? Sure, we can help you here.

Exist any limitations on the number of macros that I can create?
Don't worry about that, for the beta version you can create unlimited macros.
My tutorial has multiple files, can I do it on the same recording?
Yes, you can do it, it's very easy to start in a file do some stuff, and move to another one to write more code. Just ensure keep working on the same project.
Can I use this extension with other code editors like Intellij or sublime text?
For now, we are just supporting the VSCode editor, in the future, we will work on supporting other editors.
Do I need an account to use this tool?
No, this beta version isn't necessary, however, in future versions, we will add a login, at that moment you are able to take advantage of all features and benefits of being a user.
Should I pay to use this extension?
No, this extension is completely free for the beta version, optionally and in the future, you will be able to pro features.
Can I move my recorded tutorials to another device?
This version (beta) cannot move your macros to other devices, however for future versions you will be able to sync with your own account and use them anywhere you log in.
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